Special projects is our catch all category for those “One-Off” moves or events. Most of our Special Project clients are either in the moving industry themselves or corporate clients needing additional logistics support for an event.

Difficult moves due to oversized loads, super heavy-weight items or just really hard to get to locations are all classed as Special Projects.  Each one requires a detailed logistics plan and/or equipment to complete a successful project. Large, heavy items require heavy duty equipment that most other moving companies don’t have access to or the experience to use them.

But it’s not just about strength, moving items like pianos or sensitive equipment is always a challenge and should never be attempted without the correct equipment and highly trained operators.




These are usually large, heavy and sensitive items that require precision moves by experienced movers.

Not only do we arrange the import and customs documentation of imported machinery. We’ll safely transport your equipment cross country to your facility and working with your in-house technicians and engineers, we can help position the components inside your facility ready for final installation.


It’s not all about muscle. Sometimes it’s just a case of overseeing the logistics of a thousand little details that need to come together at the right time.  We do a lot of work with trade shows and events, from moving equipment around the country and especially assisting with import and export documentation for trade shows.

  • Delivery & collections of stands from venues
  • Set-up & take down service
  • Stand & materials storage between events
  • Tail-lift vehicles available for easy & safe delivery
  • Pop-up stands & banners always in stock
  • Goodie bags assembled


We just need a few basic details to get started . Once we have a general outline of your moving requirements we will be able to assist you more effectively.

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We’ve been connecting Phuket with the world for over 20 years. So when you have something to move, no matter how far or how big, call us for a FREE estimate.

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Size does matter.  Especially when moving something very heavy or oversized.  Selecting the right tool for the job is critical.  USP has access an extensive fleet at our disposal and experienced operators to go with them.

  • Specialist couriers and deliveries to unusual destinations, such as exhibition halls, docks and ports where the destination itself has special requirements.
  • Hi-Ab and Low-Loader Vehicles.
  • Cranes and Oversized load transporters.



Recognising what it’s going to take to move something large and heavy from point A to B.   Experience tells us that A to B is rarely what’s involved. In real life it’s more like A to B to C to D to E…    until you finally arrive at your destination.

  • Multi-Drop delivery rounds
  • Export Packing and Crating
  • Container Loading and Unloading