When it comes to transporting your belongings overseas there are only two viable options. Sea Freight or Air Freight. We help move dozens of families to overseas homes every year. Our moving process outlined below, but the key to a successful move is in the smallest details.

  • Door to Door  &  Door to Port 


USP can wrap and pack your items ready for transportation. We also provide all ground transportation to the destination Ports. Plus we even handle the paperwork for customs. No matter where your moving to. Europe, America, Australia we can co-ordinate the final stages of your move to completion.


  • Moving Specialist visit your home to estimate and explain the moving procedures.
  • We provide a detailed quotation based on your move and schedule.
  • A detailed move plan and schedule is agreed and any special notes and requirements are confirmed before moving day.


  1. USP Moving Professionals arrive at the agreed time with new packing materials.

  2. Your USP Move co-ordinator will manage and oversee all aspects of the packing process. Following your agreed moving plan.

  3. Our Experienced Team wrap pack and protect each item for the move.

  4. Packed items loaded and secured for transportation.

  5. Your shipment are then sent to the designated port by sea or air.

  6. (OPTIONAL) USP can also organise all Customs Clearance arrangements at the destination.

  7. (OPTIONAL) USP can then arrange for the collection and transportation to your new home.

  8. (OPTIONAL) USP can arrange to have your items unloaded to their designated rooms and larger items positioned as needed.


Make the most of our International Freight Forwarding expertise, move logistics and customs support to manage your move from start to finish. We just need a few basic details to start our quotation process.


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We provide as complete moving service as possible. We call it Door 2 Door but really it’s Room 2 Room. We wrap, pack and load your items, transport them to your new home and then help you set up before finally cleaning up after ourselves to leave you to settle into your new home.

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Why Choose Door to Door Delivery?

If your shipment doesn’t fit in your car, you will still need to move it from the airport to your home.

Overseas Ground Transport costs are more expensive than Thailand’s Ground Transport rates.  Especially when you are trying to match quality of service.

It’s tempting to want to organise the last leg of the move yourself. But here’s a few thoughts on why our International Door 2 Door service is the smarter choice.

  • We work with commercial rates, which are already considerably lower than going direct.
  • Because we do so much repeat business with our international networks we also receive additional discounts for being good partners.
  • We select our international movers carefully, based on their ability to match our own standards for high quality of service and affordability.
  • Any complications associated with Air Freight, 99% of the time it is related to documentation. Our door to door service enables us to oversee the documentation for the complete move.

As a complete package, the USP Door 2 Door services offers the best value for money and peace of mind.  Ensuring your belongings are transferred safely from point A to B without any hassle.



There’s a lot of paperwork, forms and procedures on both sides of an international move.  Although it’s the destination country that has the majority of paperwork.

But ensuring everything is in order before departure is always the best option. Keeping all the documentation managed centrally makes a lot of sense. Not just from an organisational standpoint but also for accountability.

When USP organise your international move, you’re assigned a personal account manager. Providing you with a single point of contact with the person that oversees every detail of your move. Each step of the way.







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How will my items be shipped?

International moves need a combination of transport modes. Roads for the first and last stages of a move, Air and Sea freight depending on how much you are shipping and how fast you need it moved.

Air freight is faster but Sea freight is far more economical.

Your USP Move Consultant will advise you on the best options after learning more about your particular requirements.

How long will it take for my goods to get to their destination?

Your USP Move Consultant will be able to give you a good idea of the shipping time. But please be aware that shipping lines schedules are subject to change. Weather, re-routing, political events and other unexpected occurrences can all affect the schedule. The final delivery will also be subject to port and customs clearance times. These can vary at different destinations.

What do I do regarding customs?

If the quotation is for a door to door service we will take care of this for you. Certain countries need you to attend the customs office to sign off the shipment. Your quotation package will confirm what’s necessary for your particular destination.

Are there items that I cannot take overseas?

Different destinations have different requirements. Details of restrictions when leaving Phuket will be outlined with your quotation. Your USP Move Consultant will know the rules & regulations and can help you decide what to take and what to leave behind.

Do you have warehouse where I store items if needed?

Yes, we have our own secure storage facilities here on Phuket. When leaving Phuket as part of an international move, we can store your items until your scheduled shipping time.