Whoever said moving was the most stressful experience a person can have, probably only moved home once or twice. Granted, there are lots to remember and so many moving parts to keep track of even if you’re just moving to a new town or city. Add another country into the mix and you definitely need help from professionals.

Start by reviewing your options with one of our experienced English Speaking Move Consultants who will walk you step by step through the moving process. We should be able to give you a rough estimate with some basic information but an in-person visit is required to compile an accurate estimate for your move.


Our home removals services cater to any move big or small. Weather you plan to move within Phuket if you’re here already or need to re-locate because of work.


There are 6 key stages to any move and each step is just as important as the next. We focus on small details so you don't have to.

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USP l Logistics Services in Phuket, Phang nga krabi samui huahin and across thailand


It’s a big decision to make and naturally you want to gather as much information as possible before you decide. We’re very confident in our service and we know just how we compare to the competition. We offer a free consultation and quotation not because it’s easy, but because it’s important



We love the logistics of a move because we love detail. Most of which goes into the preparation of each move and involves a detailed inventory of each item. Where it’s packed, and where it’s going to be unpacked. Eg. Upstairs Master Bedroom.




At USP we have access to a huge fleet of vehicles; it’s just part of picking the right tool for the job. We take into account what you’re moving, how far it’s going and ease of access at both sides of the journey.



Going the extra mile is par for the course for USP – but it’s the last few feet that makes us stand out. For the ultimate in hassle free moving, we can also help you get your belongings all set up and in place. Quickly transforming your new property into a home.




Our USP movers are expert packers and they don’t skimp on packaging. But no one want’s to spend their first evening in their new home surrounded by rubbish. So after we’ve helped you unpack and set-up we clean up and take any packaging that you don’t want. Before we leave you to relax and enjoy you new home.



We only use packaging once because the structural integrity declines when it’s re-used. But we’re big fans of the environment (it’s where we live) so all our waste is separated and recycled.




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Relocating a family or helping individual’s move to another part of Phuket, City or Country is not something we take lightly. It’s a huge responsibility that we take very seriously.

Like everything else in life, the more you do something the easier it becomes. We’ve been connecting Phuket with the rest of the world for the past 20 years. During this time we have developed an extended global network which enables USP Phuket to provide a complete door 2 door service anywhere in the world.


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Do you have warehouse where I store items if needed?

Yes, we have our own secure storage facilities here on Phuket. We can also arrange storage at other locations if needed.

How do you calculate quotations for moving?

We estimate the cost of your home removal by calculating loading time, unloading time and time travelling to the destination. As well as this how many porters it will take to clear the property in the given time frame.

Long distances between say Phuket to Bangkok or Chaing Mai add to the price of a removal; because of fuel prices (removal vehicles are not as fuel efficient as your car), labour costs as wages still have to be paid even though the porters are not working just travelling.

International Moves require even more complex logistics and organisation for Air and/or Sea freight shipping and customs documentation. But over 20 years experience helps us envision each requirement of your move and calculate the costs involved.

How long will my removal take?

There’s no fixed schedule, as removals differ so much form move to move and depend on many factors. The average move takes up to lunch time to load, at which point you hand over your keys and pick up the keys to your new house. After a break for lunch the removal crew will then unload your possessions into your new home.

Unloading is usually quicker because the we aren’t trying to pack and secure everything into a small space (the van) and would ideally be finished around 4 o’clock.

But we try to work within your time constraints. Sometimes it’s possible to speed the process up with additional man power but sometimes the distance from the unloading area to your home is factor.

What type of information do I need to provide for my estimate?

Nothing too complicated, just enough so we can provide an accurate estimate for you.

  • Where are you moving to?
  • What is the access like (for parking & getting furniture in)?
  • Do you have a date to move?
  • Are there new owners moving in on the same day?
  • If so what time do they require access?
  • What date and time do you have access to your new property?
  • Do you need a packing service (could be a full pack or just breakables)?
  • Are there any specific items you have concerns about i.e. glass tables, oversize objects, large fridges, paintings or antiques.