New job or just a new beginning, USP can help you relocate to a different part of Thailand.  We offer a compete door 2 door moving service and also provide transportation options like shared or express transportation.

We can often reduce costs for long haul transportation by consolidating your move with others. Your belongings are still packed separately but by sharing space in a large container truck we can help reduce transportation costs.

Our moving process is outlined below, but the key to a successful move is always in the details.  All we need to know is where you’re moving from and where you’re going to. What items your moving and when. Obviously a bit more detail but after that you can leave it to us and we’ll take care of everything.  No hassle, no worry and certainly no stress!


  • Moving Specialist visit your home to estimate and explain the moving procedures.
  • A detailed move plan and schedule is agreed and any special notes and requirements are confirmed before moving day.


 1. USP Moving Professionals arrive on time with new packing materials.

 2. Your USP Move co-ordinator will oversee all aspects of the packing process following the agreed moving plan.

 3. Our Experienced Team wrap pack & protect each item for the move.

 4. Packed items are loaded and secured for transportation.

 5. Transportation completed to your new home.

 6. Your USP Move co-ordinator will manage and oversee all aspects of the unloading process.

 7. Our USP Move Team will unload the truck to the assigned rooms (if specified) and oversee the unwrapping and placement of larger items.

 8. Finally our team cleans up after themselves removing any unwanted packing items.


Moving home with USP is easy and affordable, no matter where you’re moving to in Thailand. To start our quotation process, we just need a few simple details.

Moving From: (area)*
Moving To: (area)*
Current Property:*
Your Name:*
Phone Number:*
Brief Description:*


Thailand is 513,120 km² so depending on where your moving from and too, transportation can take a few days. We schedule the transportation to minimise delays and ensure your furniture arrives safely.

We offer a consolidation (shared) or express (your own truck) transportation options and our USP Moving consultant will help you work through the pro’s and con’s of each.

No matter which option you choose, you’re in good hands. 


Are you thinking about moving house? Ask us a Question.



How does USP calculate quotation prices?

We estimate the cost of your home removal by calculating loading time, unloading time and time travelling to the destination. As well as this how many porters it will take to clear the property in the given time frame.

Long distances  between say Phuket to Bangkok or Chaing Mai will obviously increase the cost of a removal because of the increased distance. Removal vehicles are not as fuel efficient as your car and  labour costs still have to be paid even though the porters are not working just travelling.

Do you have warehouse where I can store items if needed?

Yes, we have our own secure storage facilities here on Phuket. We can also arrange storage at other locations if needed.

How long will my removal take?

There’s no fixed schedule, as removals differ so much form move to move and depend on many factors. The average move takes up to lunch time to load, at which point you hand over your keys and pick up the keys to your new house.

When moving to a different part of Thailand transportation becomes a larger time factor, so travel time is relative to the distance between your old and new property.

Unloading is usually quicker because the we aren’t trying to pack and secure everything into a small space (the van) and would ideally be finished around 4 o’clock.

How are my belongings protected during a move?

USP has a large range of packing materials, crates, paper, boxes and wrappings. Our experienced move consultants will assess your requirements and advise what will be needed and included in the quotation.