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Phuket Air Freight Forwarding

If you need to move something a long distance in a small amount of time, there’s no better option than using Air Freight. Door to Door with USP takes as little as 4-5 days.

Air Freight is best suited for the delivery of high-value and time-sensitive shipments and is ideal if you have a low volume or lightweight shipment because airlines charge by weight, calculated from either the actual weight of the shipment, or a minimum weight calculated on a set weight to volume scale (volume weight).

We offer regular inbound and outbound consolidation services, including customs clearance, warehousing plus light assembly and distribution.

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  • During our free consultation we measure and calculate all the dimensions for your shipments.
  • Plus we’ll review different timing options available. because we are freight forwarders we are not tied to any one airline. We pick and choose the best fit for your shipment.

Shipping By Air – How It Works

The world of Air Freight Forwarding is a fast moving ever changing process. But our experienced consultants are always on hand. Here’s how it works.

Your shipment is prices based on weight and size. How it can fit into the standard Air freight shipping containers along side other items also makes a difference.

  • We collect your items to be shipped.
  • We then make sure they are wrapped, packed and ready for transport.
  • We select the optimal rout for your shipment, depending on the destination and any existing time schedules.
  • Items are held at our secure storage facility until the departure date.
  • Customs paperwork is processes to dot the i’s and cross the t’s .
  • You receive copies of your Airway Bill which contains all the information needed to track your shipment.
  • Your goods are then flown to their new destination or the closest airport to the final destination where they will need to be received and cleared through customs.

AIR Freight Forwarding

We just need a few basic details to get started. Once we have a general outline of your moving requirements we will be able to assist you more effectively.

Size & Weight of Shipment

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Air Freight Delivery Options

There are three standard options for air freight transport. Which one to choose depends on what you’re having shipped, how easy it is to move on land and if there are any restrictions or special considerations for import duties when it is processed through customs.

Phuket Air Freight Forwarding

Door to Door (recommended)

Collect and package, transport to departure airport, complete documentation for air freight, customs clearance at destination airport, collection and transfer to your home or business. Unpack item and remove packaging from property.

Door to Airport *

Collect and package, transport to departure airport, complete documentation for air freight.

Airport to Airport *

Transport to departure airport, complete documentation for air freight.

* Transport of goods from the destination airport to your home arranged by you.

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Door to Airport vs Door to Door

Door to Airport

If you have opted to have your shipment delivered only as far as the destination airport you will receive the original copies of your Airway Bill. Which you will need to give to your agent at your destination along with the relevant reference numbers and flight / shipping details.

You are also responsible for all charges incurred after the shipment has arrived at the destination. These costs can include unloading charges, documentation fees, handling charges, warehouse charges, quarantine fees, duties or taxes (where applicable) and/or any other related costs.

After completing the required documentation needed by the local customs officers, you will be authorised to collect your shipment from the airport handling facility.

Door to Door

On the other hand, if you have opted for a complete Door 2 Door service. We take care of everything for you.

We oversee the documentation and will have pre-paid any transport charges. Please note that any duties/taxes/quarantine charges or extra costs imposed by local government officials are not included.

Your items are collected and transported by road to your door.

Road Freight

Phuket Road Freight

Sea Freight Forwarding

Phuket Sea Freight Forwarding

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping items by Air freight?
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Freight forwarding deals with international or multi-national import and export. Acting as an intermediary between you and various transportation services. Handling the considerable logistics needed to co-ordinate your move efficiently and affordably.
Airport to airport 3-5 days on average. Door to door varies depending on customs clearance, estimate 5-7 days. Delays and/or changes to schedules can happen. The best way to make the cargo ship as quickly as possible is to make sure all paperwork is properly filed before hand, this eases the customs process.

Global fuel prices have a big affect, it’s called the Bunker Fuel factor (BAF). This is a floating surcharge that the Carrier’s can change when oil prices rise or fall. Another factor is when the Carrier has increases in costs such as when Terminal costs rise.

As Air Freight Forwarders we can’t control the airline rates but we can make sure we find the best possible prices and rout for your shipment.

This varies depending on the airline. But as a general rule of thumb, normal maximum cargo dimensions are 120in x 80in x 60in.

As the weight and size increase so will the cost. If your cargo is oversized or requires special handling, please enquire about special rates.

If your quotation is for a door to door service we will take care of this for you. Certain countries require you to attend the customs office to sign off the shipment – your quotation package will confirm what’s necessary for your destination.