International Moves To Phuket

Let USP Phuket manage your inbound move to Phuket for a hassle and stress free move.

With 20 years of international logistics experience, coordinating with your overseas movers is simple. Once up-top speed, we organise the final stages of your move. From customs clearance and collection and transportation to you’re new home.

We even help with the unpacking of your shipped items and furniture set up to get settled in quickly. Not ready to move in straight away. No problem. We can store your items in on of our secure storage facilities in Phuket until you’re ready to move in. It’s just another way USP can reduce the stress of moving.


  • We review your move plan and schedule from your outbound moving company.
  • Review shipping contents to advise on import duties and  customs documentation required.
  • Append your moving plan to include collection, transport and delivery of your belongings when they arrive in Thailand.


  1. Co-ordinate with your local movers in your home country.
  2. We organise and process the required Thai Customs Clearance documentation.
  3. We collect your belongings from the port of arrival and transport everything to your new home.
  4. Our USP Move Team  will unload the truck or container to the assigned rooms (if specified) and oversee the unwrapping and placement of larger items.
  5. Finally our team cleans up after themselves removing any unwanted packing items.

Moving To Phuket From Overseas

Completing the final stages of your move to Phuket with Customs, Collection & Delivery. USP make your move easy and affordable. We just need a few basic details to start our quotation process.

We Pack. We Move. We Unpack.

We provide as complete moving service as possible. We call it Door 2 Door but really it’s Room 2 Room. We wrap, pack and load your items, transport them to your new home and then help you set up before finally cleaning up after ourselves to leave you to settle into your new home.

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Moving To Thailand Import Documents

As with any international shipments it is always the port of arrival that is responsible for the majority of paperwork.  Thailand  the Naturally there is a lot of paperwork, forms and procedures involved on both sides of an international move, but it’s the destination country that has the majority of paperwork.

Keeping all the documentation managed centrally makes a lot of sense, not just from an organisational standpoint but also for accountability.

When you use USP Phuket for your international move you are assigned a personal account manager. A single point of contact to our most experienced consultants that personally oversee every detail of your move. Every step of the way.

International Moves To Phuket
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